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The Giving Manger: A Christmas Family Tradition

The Giving Manger: A Christmas Family Tradition

Worthy Kids 2020 Hardcover

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Product Description

Experience the true meaning of Christmas this year with The Giving Manger--a faith-based, interactive family tradition that encourages acts of kindness, focuses on giving rather than getting, and honors the real reason for Christmas--Jesus' birth.
Each Giving Manger Box Set contains a hardcover picture book, a wooden manger, a bundle of straw, and a sturdy Baby Jesus figure--everything your family needs to start the tradition in your own home.
How It WorksThe included picture book, The Giving Manger, will help your family understand the tradition and get little ones excited about participating. Once you have read the story, place the empty manger in a prominent spot in your home. In the days leading up to Christmas, family members can place a piece of straw in the manger each time they perform a kind deed or act of service. Filling the manger will become a fun, interactive project for your family, prompting even young children to look for ways to love and serve others.
As your family works together to fill the manger with straw, your hearts and home will fill with the joy and contentment that comes not from wish lists and getting, but from giving and loving others. On Christmas Day, your family can place the Baby Jesus in the manger--now full of the straw that represents the acts of love and service done in honor of Jesus' birth.
Each Box Set Includes:
  • The Giving Manger Picture Book a heartwarming story with beautiful cut-paper illustrations that presents the tradition and will get kids excited about participating
  • Wooden Manger to be placed in a visible spot in the home, waiting to be filled
  • Bundle of Straw pieces of straw to be placed in the manger after each act of service
  • Baby Jesus to be placed in the manger on Christmas day
Each item in the box is built to last, so your family can keep the tradition going year after year.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Worthy Kids
  • ISBN: 1546034226
  • ISBN-13: 9781546034223
  • SKU: 9781546034223
  • Release Date: October 13, 2020
  • Pages: 32
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Vendor Code: VENDORCODENOTFOUND928427

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