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Discover Who God Calls You To Be

Discover Who God Calls You To Be
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Rebecca Albright grew up on a Quaker farm near Philadelphia at the beginning of the Civil War. She is expected to be charitable, peace-loving, and submissive. She is feisty abolitionist and determined to aid the Underground Railroad no matter the cost, until her path collides with slave-catcher Sheriff Clay Dalton.

Tensions between the North and South escalate and the two find themselves on a journey to discover just who God has called them to be.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19

Mercy Evans has known a great deal of heartache and hardship in her twenty-six years. She lost her mother at a young age and was only sixteen when her father was killed in 1880, in a brawl sparked by a family feud spanning several generations. Yet Mercy never doubts the presence and provision of her heavenly Father.

When a house fire claims the lives of her two best friends, leaving their two young sons as orphans, Mercy offers to be their guardian. It seems simple enough, until the judge mandates that the boys be placed with a married couple. Samuel Connors is a man adrift. Despite the success of the blacksmith business he inherited from his father, he senses a void unaffected by material rewards. His mother keeps nagging him to find a wife, but the only woman who comes to mind is Mercy Evans.

What would she want to do with the man whose father is now serving a life sentence for the murder of hers? Mercy is determined to do whatever it takes to win custody of the Watson boys. But marry a mortal enemy of the Evans family? God alone can give her the heart to go through with it.

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