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The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon
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Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.49

When Honey Moon wins a national essay contest in technology, the whole Moon family is treated to a dream weekend in the ultimate, fully loaded, smart house designed by Marvel Modbot, the Walt Disney of the 21st century. It's an incredible blast - driverless cars and a virtual reality world. That is, until an evil spirit invades COS (Central Operating System) of the smart house, turning that dream tech weekend into an operating nightmare. The Moons look to Harry (and Rabbit) to stop the evil.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.49

Bella, Clarice Kligore's cousin arrives in Sleepy Hollow for a visit. Mysteriously Bella and Clarice appear to be identical, just like twins. Who would have guessed that her Clarice's cousin is also her doppelganger? None of the girls can tell them apartnot even Honey Moon. Clarice wastes no time in using this to her bullying advantage and threatens to throw the Honey and her girlfriends into chaos!

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